Air Conditioning and Ventilation

The Air Conditioning and Ventilation Lab primarily explores innovative air conditioning systems and new components such as air diffusers, chilled ceilings, heat recovery systems, air/water heat exchangers, etc. in terms of their energy efficiency and thermal comfort. It includes a lab room and an air conditioning unit. In the lab room (variable size, up to 7.20 m x 7.20 m x 5.50 m, temperature-controllable side walls), extensive measurement equipment is available for the investigation of indoor air flow and thermal comfort, in particular for the measurement of indoor air velocity and degree of turbulence, sound, air temperature, humidity and differential pressure. Flow visualization can be provided as well. The air conditioning system includes all components for thermodynamic air treatment and can be used both for studying optimized operation management strategies and for air preconditioning (experimental analysis of air conditioning systems).

[Translate to english:] riz, energie, rlt, Klima- und Raumlufttechniklabor
Photograph by Hochschule Offenburg