Climate Chamber

Climate simulations (without solar simulator) in a walk-in climate chamber, with a usable interior space of 40 m³ between -40 °C and 80 °C, high humidity variability and fast response time. Typical applications are:

  •     Performance and fatigue tests on components exposed to weather conditions
  •     Performance tests on vehicles with high-efficiency drives under winter and summer conditions
  •     Performance tests on building services systems, especially electric and thermally driven heat pumps/cooling units
  •     Building-physics product characterization of components and systems

Combining two adjacent indoor climate cells, a so-called double climate chamber is available for, e.g., evaluating facade-integrated building technology or the dynamic behavior of indoor heating/cooling and ventilation.


[Translate to english:] Klimakammer ohne Testkammern
Photograph by Hochschule Offenburg