Enerlab 4.0

Enerlab 4.0 offers comprehensive in-operando and post-mortem diagnostics for decentralized energy storage devices and generators, e.g. battery cells and photovoltaic cells. Performance, cycling and aging tests under defined thermal parameters can be performed in the battery lab, as well as characterizations of cell capacity, internal resistance and impedance, opening of lithium-ion cells and post-mortem diagnostics of electrodes and other cell components. The lab equipment includes:

  • Battery cyclers for various cell types for maximum currents between 0.5 A and 600 A and voltages up to 60 V (a total of around 25 channels of the Biologic and BaSyTec systems)
  • Electrochemical impedance spectrometers (EIS)
  • Five temperature test chambers of various sizes with safety equipment for lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries (-40°C to +180°C)
  • Glovebox for working under inert gas atmosphere
  • Equipment for opening commercial lithium-ion cells and harvesting cell components
  • Sample preparation including grinding and polishing machine for scanning electron microscopy, light microscopy and chemical analysis
  • For photovoltaic cells and modules: Flasher, lifetime measurement system of charge carriers.
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Photograph by Hochschule Offenburg