"Die Energiewende wird durch Menschen gestaltet"

Before construction of the RIZ Energie began, the RIZ Energie Foundation was established, which has advised and supported it in its ongoing operation, generously aided in the financing, and also enhanced the close cooperation between the University and medium-sized industry in the Southern Upper Rhine region.

The construction costs of the overall project amount to € 8.5 million, with the land provided by the City of Offenburg. Funds in the amount of € 1.5 million have been earmarked for the initial equipment. 50% of the financing of this € 10 million is provided by the EU's European Regional Development Fund, 30% by the Donors' Foundation and Hochschule Offenburg, and 20% by the State of Baden-Württemberg. The building is operated by the University, with the ongoing operating costs being financed through the R&D projects at RIZ Energie.