Building and Energy Concept


RIZ Energie is a sustainable building and was developed holistically, considering environmental, economic and social objectives:

  • environmental – e. g. timber construction, sustainable energy design, solar power
  • economic –heat pump, surface temperature regulation and daylight-depending lighting, with adherence to the specified cost framework
  • social – especially high work quality


Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel Architekten were responsible for the building design and Solares Bauen GmbH for the plant engineering.


The building complex consists of two parts: a 900 m² – or 9,000 m³ – Lab Center (with additional outdoor lab space) and an office section with ca. 60 innovative work places. Some noteworthy features are:

  • Building envelope with passive-house standard; very good summer and winter thermal insulation; timber construction of the facade and the entire lab section
  • Ventilation system with heat recovery; thermal-active building systems in the office part (concrete core temperature control for load management and near-surface activation in the facade area for demand-oriented, individual control), and industrial-area temperature control in the lab section; groundwater heat pump in winter and free cooling in summer
  • Photovoltaic power system (approx. 30 kWp) covering 100% of the energy requirements for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting in the office areas
  • Smart-grid integration of offices and pilot plant with grid-supportive operation of an energy network system. Cascaded model-predictive control based on the grid-point-specific electricity price and the usage requirements of the offices and the lab center
  • Eight fully equipped laboratory stations (9 m x 9 m x 7-10 m) with IT/electricity (230V/380V), cooling/waste-heat utilization, natural gas; networkable; accessible on two levels (0 m and approx. 4 m); supply from above and/or below; separately, technical gas supply from external storage through floor channel; large-volume superstructures
  • Spacious workshop area, also suitable for small-scale testing


Im Projekt BUiLD.DIGITiZED wird die Energieversorgung ausgehend von der gebäudetechnischen Inbetriebnahme betriebsbegleitend optimiert. Dazu werden digitale Methoden zur Fehlererkennung und -analyse sowie zur modell-prädiktiven und netzdienlichen Regelung genutzt.